That's Richard O'Brien, author of The Secret of NIMH, and David Seville, creator of the Chipmunks. Because his real name, Ross Bagdasarian, wouldn't have fit. I was going to have Peter and Brisbane go through a variety of different vaudeville acts, but I got sidetracked.
In the original cosmology, there was one island of animal-people, and the rest of the world was people-people. This book came from the rest of the world, where it made sense. Isabel and I have had a lot of discussions about whether there are humans in the worlds of You Say it First and Namir Deiter. I don't remember which side of that I was on.
Do hedgehogs make sounds? I have no idea. And yes, the island was conquered by the Romans, about 3000 years ago. I had this rather long history planned out. None of it ever got into the comic and probably isn't true, and definitely isn't relevant.
I think this is as far as I ever got into furry jokes.
"Got to be a bit modern these days" is from the Bonzo Dog Band song, "Shirt". Joe Sullivan was a bandleader in the 1930s. John Sullivan, however, was a boxer in the 1880s. I'm not sure if they ever met, and it wouldn't make a difference to the story that Kidneybone Morris is telling.
How to train performing animals drawn by Meghan "Seby" Dombrowski