This, folks, is why I don't draw. Bobby Barnett was asked (and paid) to draw two weeks' worth. He didn't. I wound up drawing the next two comics. This took me several hours. I switch from black to white letters mid-word. I should've put in word bubbles, but hand-drawn ones looked very bad and having one clean, perfect oval would've made the art look even worse by comparison.
There is an elaborate backstory as to why there is a roomful of army rations in a vaudeville theatre. I don't remember what it was, but it went back to World War II.
This comic was undrawn for a few weeks, and was posted in script format. Kevin Pease, who had recently moved Absurd Notions onto the Internet, was kind enough to draw this for me. I'm very glad he did. I like the writing on this, but don't think I could've sold the punchline nearly as well as he did.
Again, I rely on the help of other webcartoonists. I don't think I could've shown "throwing" well at all if I had to draw it. For Brisbane, sometimes it's about proving that you're right even when it's not worth the trouble.
This is the April Fools Swap comic. It originally ran in the middle of week 3 and was moved here it fits better.
Indoor Games pt 2 drawn by Terrence Marks, Kevin Pease, Bob Roberds and Vince Suzukawa