The basic idea was to use parodies of the characters to outdo the originals. I'm not sure that's a good idea. If you manage to capture the very essence of Beetle Bailey, where do you go from there?
It's not a lame pun. It's the kind of odd pun that hits you upside the head and refuses to apologize. I had come up with it a few weeks prior and was looking for a place for it. In my defense, I was reading a lot of Pogo at the time and Walt Kelly made this kind of wordplay look easy. Again, you can do this kind of thing all the time or you can do it never. If you do it just once, it's odd.
Part of me feels bad about this, I mean it was young and defenseless. I don't imagine that I made any difference to newspaper editors anywhere, but it does seem a bit mean. Anyhow, I should've had that last line be "Me! His younger brother, Civet!"
Eric Ellis drew Fishbowl and, later, Moses Murphy. They're no longer online and, unfortunately, I don't remember enough of them to comment.
Of course they never paid Caleb. Or the other seven guitarists. The Fat Cats would do a joke like this about once a week, where someone would ask for the fifty cents they owed him, and they'd just laugh and light a cigar with a million dollar bill. Or something like that. I really hope I paid Eric Ellis for the comic.
The Fat Cats pt 3 drawn by Jen-Neko-Han, Lien Nguyen, and Eric Ellis