Another wasp story. Anyhow, if a week has three different artists, there's usually a story behind that. I forget what the story is. Anyhow, I don't imagine that I wrote this with the intention of drawing it, but I seem to wind up drawing the weaker comics. I tried drawing pupils several times and failed, so I wound up putting them in with the airbrush tool in Photoshop
And this wasp makes things more like Kevin & Kell. And now I color Kevin & Kell. Because Mr. Holbrook is one of the nicest and most professional men in comics, and I think I owe him an apology for this. Sorry, Bill.
Back in the day, news coverage of the Internet was bad enough that this was wittily making fun of the way the news failed to understand it. Now the news channels are on the Internet. I remember there being some AOL problem reported as a complete Internet outage, which I think led to this. As the caption says, that's Wolfram Blitzen of Newshounds. And yes, I probably looked Argentina's exports up in the CIA World Factbook because I wouldn't want to get an inconsequential detail like that wrong.
You see how the font changed? That's Bill Holbrook's handwriting. You know how they have those programs to build your own fonts? They didn't back in 1999. The text was painstakingly cut and pasted from Kevin & Kell comics. It took hours. Was it worth it? No.
Hours, I tell you. Hours.
The Beh Wasp pt 1 drawn by Terrence Marks, Krishva, and Dave Cousens