Why didn't Caleb mention that there isn't anywhere he could buy one of these things? Space considerations.
If you're about my age, you'll remember the the taunt screen from Bad Dudes - "President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie?" Back in the day, taunt screens were the only way you'd have any idea what was going on - that the Arkanoid was a spaceship trying to escape from aliens, for instance and not just a paddle so you could bounce a ball around. A lot of games had very complicated explanations or no explanation (like Pac-Man. There is no story. Pac-Man just is). Bad Dudes had an elegantly simple story.
Yes, you can tell when I colored them. Anyhow, no. Brisbane never did end up performing because of this.
No, I don't remember which video game had the Micro Wrestling Champion.
Yes, Brisbane's way of writing jokes is to come up with two things and try to think of something funny about them, as opposed to coming up with the punchline first and working backwards
Peter's response could either be his flightiness or a very reasonable reaction to Brisbane's jokes. Either way, you know.
This comic answered my questions: why the sudden change in subject? Chris had suggested video games. I like video games; I've had separate comics for them in the past. If the character wake up in empty white rooms, and start saying things like "my mind is blank", it means the writer doesn't have any good ideas at the moment. I didn't have any better ideas and wasn't ready to get the main plot back moving again.
Videogenesis pt 2 drawn by Chris Farrington