I had, initially, set this in a vaudeville theatre so that I could introduce and remove characters without too much explaining. If you'll notice, I didn't do any of that until now.
The two in the background are, I believe, Natalie's characters, and anthropomorphic versions of characters from HCF, Morton Fox from Limpidity, Wolfram Blitzen from Newshounds, Mewn and Ront from Funny Farm, and Oren the Otter from The Changing Workplace. But the idea is that there were a lot of people there - Brisbane just never noticed them.
Kidneybone Morris had been mentioned all the way back in week five. I had the name first, and figured out the rest of him later.
I had picked up a large number of Peanuts compilations at a library sale. There was this character, Jose Peterson. He was half-Mexican and half-Swedish. It wasn't much of a joke there, either, so he stopped showing up even quicker than Shermy did. My goal was to take a bad joke and turn it into a ridiculous one.
His last name, Bankersson, is from the song "Beggar's Parade" by Falling Leaves, which was included on one of the Rubble comps.
Actless pt 1 drawn by Natalie Port